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No filter button to search playlist

No filter button to search playlist

I got note 9 I have re installed app but on my Playlist there is no filter section anymore how do I fix? I reinstalled app. 


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Hey @TysonB Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Sorry for a late response to your post. Maybe i can help you out! 

What you need to do is keep scrolling up pass the picture of your Playlist. There you will see a filter bar that allows you to filter out which song you want. 


Hopefully this helps!



Happy New Year!

As you can see I'm all the way up and no filter bar very frustrating


Is this picture when you first open your playlist? 

Another thing that could be effecting you is whether you have premium or not. Currently there are no filter function on mobile devices if you are using Spotify Free.

When i first open it and yes i have been premuim since the start

The filter is hidden when you first open the playlist. Once you open it, scroll up a couple of times and then it should appear. 




I'm scrolled all the way up.  

Hello @TysonB!

Pull down to search in playlist was removed. You can now find the search and sort options under the three dot menu in the top right corner:

 Hope this helps 🙂

I really wish theyd go back to the old method of searching and sorting. The new one is a step backwards.


Also, why aren't all playlists automatically sorted by newest additions at the top??!

I agree with you! The filter was so easy to find with just a swype! Now I have to go to the dots menu, then find in the playlist... it's really bad comparing with what we had.

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