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No internet connection available


No internet connection available

I am running spotify premium on ICS (Galaxy Siii). I have an error message at the bottom of the screen saying, "no internet connection available." however, I am connected to the internet. I receive the same error over Wifi and 4g.

I already tried yed restarting the app and restarting the phone.

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I had a long email conversation with Spotify's support team. Thanks to them for that! They gave me lots of advices how I could get the Spotify working.


After I had tried almost everything possible I decided to turn to network provider for help. I visited their store today and in like five minutes I had working Spotify.


The problem what was cause to Spotify not to work correctly was that in my phone's Internet setup I was using WAP-connection. I didn't know that because everything else than Spotify was working correctly. In the store they installed me the setups for mobile Internet- connection and Spotify started working instantly. 


You can check this from your Android-phone by following the next steps.


Go to:


Wireless and networks (More...) ->

Wireless and networks

Mobile networks ->

Mobile networks

Acces Point Names ->

Access Point Names.


And you get to this page

Access Point Names


Hopefully this would help somebody!

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Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


If you're having troubles playing music on the app, we'd recommend checking this support site article. There you can find more connection related troubleshooting steps.


We also have this ongoing issue thread on a similar issue containing some solutions worth checking - Make sure to check it out.


If you're seeing an error message when trying to download songs for offline use, we'd recommend taking a look at this support site article instead.


If that doesn't do the trick and you're still having troubles, make sure to start a new thread in the related Help Board with all necessary details and we'll be happy to lend a hand.

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248 Replies

Lately this has been on my HTC Desire HD as well, Spotify claims theres no internet connection but all other applications that need web work normally. Im not sure what has happened as it worked long time normally but this error has just risen up somehow.


Same on my Arc S, force stopping spotify and then rebooting the phone seems to cure it, but still quite far from ideal

Same problem on my HTC Desire Z (TMobile G2) running Gingerbread with the latest update. No amount of rebooting fixes the problem, it stays offline, both on 3G and on WiFi. Very frustrating.

An uninstall and reinstall of spotify solved the issue.

Ok, have to try again if theres some program messing around settings.

Hope I get it working.

Ok, did the uninstalling and reinstalled Spotify.

Now it works great!


Hope you too get the application to work!

Unfortunately I just discovered that only temporarily solved the problem. The app is doing it again...

There is an issue when you add a new folder with playlists after a full sync. I have done this twice and both times I get hte internet connection issue and then can't seem to stream or download additiona music. Also, the new folder and playlists don't show up on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon).

So how do you fix it?

I didn't. I end up having to uninstall and reinstall, but then i have to wait for hundreds of songs to download again. That is REALLY annoying.

Are you using any battery saver kind of apps on the phone?

It seems that those might cause temporary connection cuts eventhough you have enabled network data use.

No, this is purely on wifi. I will uninstall any battery monitoring and see if it helps.

Im not sure why mine had some problems last year, I tried different battery savers and there was few that were too eager to shutdown network even if I had enabled them from settings. My phone is HTC Desire HD and it takes a lot of battery charge..


I listen to music maybe 80-85% of Spotify activity on computer and so theres few times when I like to listen from phone as well (when doing outdoor activities or travelling etc) and usually there arent any problems but once there comes some moment where network goes off (due to phone operator or like the batter saver app) then its very annoying..



I solved the problem (at least by now)  stopping the service and the application from settings>manage applications. In the spotify application I pressed on Clear Data, that not erase your sync songs, then I started Spotify, logged in, and click on any not sync song. It works fine now!

I do use a battery saver like Juice Defender. However, it's not affecting other apps, and I'm not getting the "no internet connection" error if my phone has been idle for a while (like a screen timeout). I'm getting the error when my screen is on and I open the app for the first time.

I got the same problem with my nexus 7. This needs to get fixed ASAP.

I got the same problem happening over and over again. Its getting very frustrating.

I also used to use Juice Defender, its good program but the free-version does not have any sort of rules for certain applications (not that I know of) and would need to get the paid version. With free I had to each time put the Defender off each time I started to listen to Spotify.

I'm about ready to give up on Spotify Premium and switch to another service. All week long Spotify has given me the "No Internet Connection Available" message (Droid Razr/ICS/Verizon), even when I AM connected to Wi-Fi or 4G. Add this to my months-long frustration of having to re-download playlists every time I use the app (and I can't even do THAT now that the app won't recognize its Internet connection), and the fact I can't direct saved music to my SD card, and I'm really getting fed up.


I love the Spotify service, but I listen to most of my music on the phone during my commute to/from work, and paying a monthly fee to access Spotify on my phone just doesn't seem to be worth it any more when fixing all these well-known, annoying issues just doesn't seem to be a priority for Spotify, despite the problems having been documented for so long. I'll probably give them one more update to correct these issues, and if they still aren't fixed... bye bye Spotify.

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