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No longer working on Chromecast with Google TV

No longer working on Chromecast with Google TV

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My family bought a Chromecast with Google TV a while ago and it was always possible to run the Spotify app installed on the Chromecast.

We haven't used Spotify for a while and today when I tried to the app wouldn't work as expected. No matter how often I close and reopen it, it keeps saying to check my network connection and to reconnect so I can continue playing.

Since then I have:
- disconnected the Chromecast WIFI connection, reconnected it, switched it to a different connection, reconnected it to the original connection, etc.

- rebooted the Chromecast
- cleared all cached values, cleared all saved values
- force closed the application and reopened it

- tried to upgrade the app, but it was up-to-date

- uninstalled the app and reinstalled it

Nothing I do changes anything, the app shows the Spotify logo and repeats the message about the connection.

So finally I used the Spotify app on my mobile to connect directly with the Chromecast and this works fine. Except of course that I can't use the remote that comes with my Chromecast and have to use my mobile to chose other songs, etc.

Since the app on Chromecast wasn't working I decided to de-install it so my kid won't mess around with it.

After doing so, the connection from my phone wouldn't work any more.

After reinstalling the app on Chromecast I could cast from my phone again.

So apparently even though the Spotify app on Chromecast can't make any connection to my WIFI network, it is needed to assure that my mobile app can connect to the Chromecast.

Can this issue be looked into?
I'd like my kid to be able to play her own music lists using the Chromecast remote instead of having to hand over my own mobile to her.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there @Elicat,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community.


Currently you have to start Spotify from another device (Phone, PC etc.), cast it to the TV, and then you'll be able to use the smart remote to control the Chromecast app on your TV.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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