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No more space on internal storage

No more space on internal storage







(Samsung Galaxy S5)

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I store my music on my external SD card but the spotify app is still on the internal storage of my mobile and it takes about 6GB. It's not possible to move the app to my sd card and now I have problems with installation of other apps because the is not enough space left. How can I reduce the size of the app or how can I store it on the sd card?

Thanks for help...

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You should be able to move your app to external memory. 

Try by opening Spotify app, go to settings, scroll down, just above 'sign out' option you should see memory and there you can change it from phone to SD card. 

  • Thank you but this is not the solution. I know about this and my music is stored on the sd card. But the spotify app -not the music data- needs about 6 GB on my mobile storage. This is my problem...

Well, that's weird. 

I have Spotify on my SD card. When I go to settings on my phone, then to apps and choose Spotify, it shows that most of the data is stored on SD card, only a little amount of it is on my mobile device. 

I'll attach a screenshots. 


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