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No offline sync possible

No offline sync possible

Hi all,

Is there a problem with the android app? It is saying that offline sync is not possible cause there is not enough memory on my mobile but in fact there are more than 2GB available.

Looking forward to your quick feedback, cause the situation is very annoying.



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Is that 2GN on internal or external SD card?


I will now try the following:


- deinstall spotify app

- reboot device

- reinstall spotify app

- try to sync


Will give you feedback about the result.



@Joe wrote:

Is that 2GN on internal or external SD card?


Well, I did what I said. But now it is even worse:


- Massive performance losings;

- Now I can´t even listen to my music when the device is online;

- The application has been completely frozen ==> no more actions possible;


That´s totally frustrating. That´s not what I pay 10,-- per month for...

What device and android version are you using @another_user ?

Hi Joe,


sorry for my late answer.

I use a Samsung Galaxy SIII, Android Version 4.3


But right now it seems to work.

I deinstalled Spotify again, deleted the cache first, rebooted the device, installed spotify app again and now it seems to work. Also offline sync is possible now.


I will test the next days and post it here if there will be problems agin or not.


Thanks a lot




Thanks for the update. I'll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

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