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No songs downloading

No songs downloading

Edit: Sigh... as always the second I get annoyed enough by a problem to make a topic about it, it fixes itself.  I have no idea how it happened but the songs finally started downloading after a week of being stuck.  I was just watching TV and at some point I noticed that it actually was downloading the songs.  I wish I knew how it got fixed but oh well...


I have an S7 running 6.0.1.  My songs are all set to download to my SD card of 126gb.  Spotify is pretty much the only thing that uses my SD card and has all that space to itself.  I have over 10gb still free on my phone and over 100 on my sdcard. The power saving options ARE NOT the issue as I disabled that for Spotify quite some time ago, this is a whole separate issue.


About a week ago the "Downloading" notification showed up in my bar and wouldn't go away.  It's done that before only to go away fairly fast so I let it go.  But now it's a week later and I decided to try and get rid of it.  So I turned off all my downloaded playlists but now the notification says "Downloading 0 out of 0" and it STILL won't go away.  Set my Songs to download and it just stays at "Downloading 0 out of 899".


So what's going on here?  Cus this has gone beyond annoying at this point.


Edit: Rebooted my phone and now it's at "Downloading 1 of 906" and the download bar is not moving at all.


Edit2: Deleted the cache and saved data and it's still not downloading anything.


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