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No sound on next song on HTC Desire S

No sound on next song on HTC Desire S

Just updated to version on android. Playing one song works fine, but when it gets to the next song there is no sound. The song progression bar moves and it look like it plays a song, but no sound. If I press the next song button or previous song button it start to play sound again until it get to the next song after that.


I tried to uninstall the app and install it again.

I tried to restart the phone.

I read on the forum that some people got it to work by taking out the battery. Tried it.

Nothing worked.


Everything worked fine before I updated to the new version.


Anyone encountered this and knows how to solve it?

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Same problem on Droid Incredible. I haven't found any way to uninstall the update.

I've had this problem lately on my Motorola Photon, but didn't on the preview version. I also haven't had album art since upgrading from stock (2.3.4) to ICS.

As posted here:



I've now got a response from Spotify on this. They say it is a known issue and they are working on a fix as a priority.

I also mentioned in my email response that the app seems to crash regularly and the login screen sometimes gets stuck. None of these issues occured in the preview version so I can't understand how it has gone so badly wrong!

Anyway, he said that a temporary workaround was to turn of the phone, remove the battery for 30secs, and try again. This did not work for me. He also asked if I had an 3rd party music players on my phone, which I don't as I have tried from a factory default phone.
All in all, the app is currently unusable until a fix is made, and so I'll have to use the preview version for the moment. It's all quite frustrating that we have this when the i-phone has had yet another update to include spotify radio!!

Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!!

I think that thread largely refers to a different issue so I've just contacted Spotify to ensure they have this issue logged. I'll update this thread if there's any news.

Same issue here on Xperia Neo V. Worked fine prior to this update, which was the first version of the official rewritten app out of preview. Listening to this thread.


EDIT 2012-06-25: After some sort of silent update (to my knowledge) this issue seems to be resolved on my phone, which would likely mean that this has now been fixed by Spotify.

As an update, mine is functioning normally now! I just checked yesterday and my issue was resolved at least, so hopefully they have fixed it for some of your phone models too.



got a slightly similar problem.


While playing one of my playlists (which contains about 1500 sounds) I get the problem described above but like this:


- start playing a song

- next song starts normally.. After 30secs - 1:30 min it stops giving out sound

- song seems to play on (progress bar and time are moving on)

- Button "next song": Next song plays normal

- few songs later it happens again

- annoying


using a Motorola xoom 2 media edition (everything fine by using my defy+ )


Removing a battery of a tablet... no way 😄

I got an answer from Spotify today - they said:


If you head to Settings and change your streaming quality to Extreme, play a few songs and then turn it back to Normal quality then this should fix the issue.


Worked for me!

I have exactly the same issue. spotify does not play the next song if it is streamed (there is no sound, but progress bar shows progress). Downloaded playlists work for me. I also have uninstalled the app and reinstalled again. Taking out the battery does not make sense to me and cannot be the solution.....
Android 2.3.4 on LG Optimus 2X


Please, please fix this as soon as possible.

The app and so the payed account is then useless to me...

Turns out the fix I mentioned doesn't last more than an hour. I got back to Spotify and will post here if they provide a working solution.


Same problem here, HTC Desire HD. Have the latest Spotify version. Tried reinstalling, doesn't work. Dunno what else to do.

Ok, switching to high quality fixed the problem. Switched back to normal quality and the problem returned.

I think you're right CySt, it just seems to be happening to me in normal quality.


Here's my latest response from Spotify:


This is an issue we are currently aware of and are investigating this as a priority.

Whilst we work to resolve this for you, I would recommend you perform a device reboot.

If you switch your mobile device off and take out the battery for 30 seconds, then replace and reboot the device.

Once you have done this, reopen Spotify and play. This should work on a temporary basis.

Hi,Same problem of no sound on my HTC Desire S,everything else is fine but so frustrating,tried uninstall/reinstall, but no joy.It just known updates or recent downloads...................HELP........pls.x

Nigel, after my lost post I received this advice:


There is a solution that has worked for many users which we would like to you try, which requires you to complete a clean reinstall. This will include removal of any files on your SD card or internal memory. 

Instructions for this are below - 

1. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device: "Settings" » "Application" » "Manage applications" and then choose Spotify and press "Uninstall"
2. Remove these two folders from the SD card: (1) spotify2 (2) Android/data/
3. Install Spotify once again through GooglePlay.


Might be worth a try? It seems to happen less often to me now (i.e. not every time) but is still an annoying and frequent issue.


They went on to say that they were looking into a proper fix and would let me know when they have done so. I'm still waiting.

Maybe it's worth those of you still having issues emailing to keep the pressure up. About time they sorted it!

Thanks for that.I read about taking the battery out and low znd behold...IT WORKED..! So now all good.

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