No sound on next song on HTC Desire S


No sound on next song on HTC Desire S

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Just updated to version on android. Playing one song works fine, but when it gets to the next song there is no sound. The song progression bar moves and it look like it plays a song, but no sound. If I press the next song button or previous song button it start to play sound again until it get to the next song after that.


I tried to uninstall the app and install it again.

I tried to restart the phone.

I read on the forum that some people got it to work by taking out the battery. Tried it.

Nothing worked.


Everything worked fine before I updated to the new version.


Anyone encountered this and knows how to solve it?

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I think you are right... But how come you can't report it to spotify. I can't find any email address to write to. May try the link to get the older version back.

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I'm having the same problem on my HTC Desire. I found that changing from being online to offline seemed to confuse it (this was a downloaded playlist), I'm not sure if this is related, but although the playlist was downloaded it wouldn't show it when I wasn't connected to the internet, so I had to go online just to get it to show up.


The only way I got it to work was to skip to the previous song and then skip forward, but obviously this is a workaround and not exactly a solution!

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Could it be if you have synced / downloaded offline playlists and after the update it might have been mixed up or sort. If you'd clear the cache and then try again, if that would help. Log out & Log in...

There's an older version if you want to try it out

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I tried to log out and then log in again. Didn't do anything. I have no offline playlists so it should not have something to do with that. It should not be a cache problem, the problem is always there even with new music I have never listened to on my phone.


I just think it's a bug that the spotify team needs to fix.

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I have the same problem wit my Sony ericsson experia,,, so sound but everything else works just fine... Loged out and in, reinstaled but it still doesnt work...


Any ideas how to fix?




I have the same problem on my HTC desire. The first song of a downloaded playlist usually plays fine, and on the next one the sounds stops around half way through...~10 seconds later it goes back to the main menu.


The beta-version of this app worked fine- so something must have changed on the official release.


I've emailed spotify, so we'll see what comes of of that.


I have the same problem on my HTC Glacier - TMobile MyTouch 4G running MIUI It started with thiat useless update they just did. Is there any way to downgrade?

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I have the ecxact same problem, only I can't hear any of my songs or playlists. I have also tried to uninstall Spotify and dowload the app once again.


I find it very difficult to figure out how to contact Spotify with the problem. Because they must have an answer or solution.


Hope it will work soon.

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LeneK, I have the same problem on my htc desire s. I tried everything, turning my phone off and on again. downloading the app again..Nothing works.  Which is quite annoying !


Hmmmm i have seen this happen. 


Just presume it is my internet connection. I'm only on wireless. Not a good test. 


It didn't happen with local files only files being streamed. 

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In my case the problem occurs on both wifi and 3g. And it happens more or less everytime spotify goes from one song to the next without user input.


On both my PC and my galaxy S2(ICS and same spotify as on the Desire S) it works fine.

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When playing songs in spotify on my phone, no sound comes. After updating and reinstalling I still have the same problem. Playing music in the regular music app for android produce sound... What's wrong? How do I fix it?

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Hi,Same problem of no sound on my HTC Desire S,everything else is fine but so frustrating,tried uninstall/reinstall, but no joy.It just known updates or recent downloads...................HELP........pls.x


Nigel, after my lost post I received this advice:


There is a solution that has worked for many users which we would like to you try, which requires you to complete a clean reinstall. This will include removal of any files on your SD card or internal memory. 

Instructions for this are below - 

1. Close Spotify and uninstall it from your device: "Settings" » "Application" » "Manage applications" and then choose Spotify and press "Uninstall"
2. Remove these two folders from the SD card: (1) spotify2 (2) Android/data/
3. Install Spotify once again through GooglePlay.


Might be worth a try? It seems to happen less often to me now (i.e. not every time) but is still an annoying and frequent issue.


They went on to say that they were looking into a proper fix and would let me know when they have done so. I'm still waiting.

Maybe it's worth those of you still having issues emailing to keep the pressure up. About time they sorted it!

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I'm having the same problem since the recent update. No sound on by Droid Bionic - Android 2.3.4

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I have the same problem now. On my HTC desire S, did you ever find out how to fix it?