No space left on this device error

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No space left on this device error

Gig Goer
‎2013-04-12 04:12 PM

I am recurringly getting this error.


Spotify Premium Member

Device: Motorola Droid 3

Android Version: 2.3.4

Carrier: Verizon Wireless

Phone is connected to 3G and WiFi data.

- Android Settings - > Storage settings reports:

  - 8.30GB of 11.35GB free space on "Internal Storage"

  - 25.28GB of 29.81GB free space on "SD card"

  - 1.03GB of available space on "Application storage"


I first uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify by following this suggested sequence:

- using the "Delete cache and saved data" in the Spotify settings

- rebooted the phone

- Clicking "Clear Data" from the Android Settings -> Manage Applications

- rebooted the phone

- Clicking "Uninstall" from the Android Settings -> Manage Applications

- rebooted the phone

- Attaching to a PC as a USB mass storage device, and searched for and deleted every directory with the word "spotify" in it from both the internal and external mounted storage folders.

- disconnected from USB and switched phone off

- Removed the micro SD memory card from my phone, placed it in the SD card slot (using an adapter) on my PC and instructed Windows to scan for drive errors.  It reported none.

- Unmounted SD card cleanly, placed back in to phone, Turned phone on, went to Google Play store, and installed Spotify again

- rebooted the phone

- Started and Logged in to Spotify with Facebook, verified login was successful.

- rebooted the phone.

- Attached to a PC as a USB mass storage device and verified that the Spotify had created a directory structure in /sdcard-ext/Android/data/  - verified this was not present on /sdcard/Android/data

- Started spotify, changed settings to download at "Extreme quality"

- rebooted the phone

- Launched spotify, and instructed it to download a playlist of approximately 400 songs

- After about 1 GB of transfer, I recurringly get the error "Offline syncing has stopped as there's no space left on this device"

- rebooted the phone

- started Spotify again, and still get this error while downloading ANY playlist.


Repeated above procedure two additional times over the course of the past week to double check this was, in fact an issue.  Tried downloading shorter playlists, but all eventually end up with this error after some data has been transferred. 



- No other versions of Spotify were running on my PC or other device while the downlaod was taking place.

- Phone was "factory reset" approximately 2 months all data/cache/internal/external storage was formatted.

- Phone is NOT rooted or running any third party firmware or Android version

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Re: No space left on this device error

Gig Goer
‎2013-12-05 04:02 PM

I have the same phone, went through these same steps, and am getting the same error.  I tried breaking up a playlist of 100 songs into two playlists of 50.  The first sync'ed without issue.  The second got about 80% through before I got the "No space left on this device" error.  Both "internal storage" and my recently-formatted SD card have over 10GB of free space.