Nokia 3 Android


Nokia 3 Android

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Hi! I recently owned a nokia 3 with Android 7.1.1, the good thing about this phone is the option tha let me use my SD memory card as internal memory, so i can download apps and use the memory in the SD card. To do that, i have to format the SD card, and after that, i can't use it in other devices until i reformat. All was good at that time, i downloaded Spotify and started to download music too, after a while, i realised that the music was going to stop at my internal memory (8gb free) and not in my SD memory card (32gb free). I looked for the options in the app, searching the "download in SD card" option, but there wasn't. I searched here my problem but there weren't solution for this exact problem. I beg for someone who can tell me what to do. Thanks!

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Spotify only sees one pool of internal storage. Check out this post.