Not all songs show up in my Android phone??

Not all songs show up in my Android phone??




1st time post.


I've got Spotify premium installed on my laptop and Android phone. When I make a playlist on my laptop there seem to be way more songs available than on my phone?


For instance, I created an Oasis playlist with 45 songs in it. My Android Spotify account says 45 songs but only displays about a dozen and half of them are greyed out. When I try to play them it says track not available - but I can play them on my laptop?


Why aren't all the songs I can access on my laptop accessible on my phone (which is where I listen to the majority of my music)??


Thanks for any and all help.




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Hi and welcome. Tracks which aren't in the spotify catalogue but you have as local files on your laptop (files you own) need to be synched to your android before they can be played. Just follow the steps in this post.


I'm surprised that so many Oasis tracks showed on your android at all. You might find they're tribute bands when you play them.

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