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Not compatible with my Wileyfox device?

Not compatible with my Wileyfox device?

Hi all,

For some reason Google Play has always listed Spotify as being incompatible with my mobile device and though I use it regularly on my desktop computer, I have never been able to download it from Google Play.

The additional info on Play's "This app is incompatible with your device" message reads: "Mobile Telephone Networks / Wileyfox Wileyfox Swift"

My mobile device is a Wileyfox Swift, running Android 7.1.2 (but originally released with Lollipop).

My Google Play account was set up in a country that falls outside of Spotify's available regions, so that may also be a factor -- however, when I recently changed my Google Play 'country' using the steps here:!msg/play/QXdA_Q3V1o8/Jug5rjDEmfAJ

Can anyone advise me on whether my problem is hardware, software or location? And if so... what are my options to resolve it?

I am hoping to replace my mobile device soon, and I want to ensure that Spotify will run on whatever new device I choose. [Likely another Wileyfox - running Marshmallow.)




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