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Not enough space on disk - new issue for my phone

Not enough space on disk - new issue for my phone

I've been having no issue with Spotify on my phone for months now. However, just yesterday it deleted a bunch of my cache and started acting funny. So I reset everything, deleted all the data, logged out, made sure the SD Location was set right, and logged back in. Now it'll only fill up my SD chip until there's 6 GB left, which it then informs me is too little space.


Wtf? There's 6 GB left. It's a 16 GB card and there's only 5 GB of music on there, throw in another 5! How can I work around this? Without the phone app, I have no use for Spotify, but I've already migrated my playlists over and everything...

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Sounds like it might defaulting to the phone memory. Odd. Judging by older messages of yours, you are using the preview version of Spotify, which tends to automatically select the SD card. Would you suspect any corruption of the card at all?
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I was actually using the old version of Spotify when this was happening (my phone had the old one since I liked the widget). So I put the Micro SD chip through error checking in Windows (with both options selected for error checking) and it fixed a lot of things, including errors in the Spotify cache. Interestingly though, it caused Spotify to crash any time I played a song that was cached from my local files, instead of Spotify. I gave it another wipe, then chose Clear Data in Manage Applications, then uninstalled. I reinstalled with the Preview app and it's been working fine ever since.


Btw, any idea what version of Android is required for the lockscreen controls to work? I'm still on Froyo and haven't upgraded to Gingerbread because it breaks my temp-root app and the G2 is too ridiculous to root, and I still want Wifi-Tether, lol.

Lockscreen cntrols are theree in the preview app on ICS but I don't think they are available under android 2.x
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