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Not entering car mode automatically with my device

Not entering car mode automatically with my device

Spotify does not enter car mode when it connects to the bluetooth FM adapter I have in my car.  How do I tell Spotify that it should switch into car mode whenever my Android phone connects to it?  Surely it should be as simple as choosing the device from a menu?


"Switch to car mode" is set to "Only in a car" in my settings.


Thanks in advance!

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As far as I can tell, there is some code built into the Spotify app that tells it whether or not it's connected to a car's bluetooth device specifically.  For example, spotify does automatically switch to car mode in my Wife's Honda Pilot.  My car is older and doesn't have integrated bluetooth, so I bought an add-on kit that I like very much, but Spotify doesn't recognize it as a car's bluetooth and doesn't switch automatically.  I've even tried renaming the bluetooth device to "look like" the one in my wife's Pilot, but that didn't work either.  

Thanks. It seems ludicrous that it's not customisable though. It'd be much better if I could identify a bluetooth device as being "my car" to Spotify

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