Not getting any notifications


Not getting any notifications

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I use Spotify premium on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and I'm getting no notifications. I get the one with music and pause/play, next song when music is playing, but I get nothing from following artists when they release new music. I have it all set up on the settings so that when an artist I'm following releases new music I get a notification, but it doesn't happen. For example, Meshuggah released their album "The Violent Sleep of Reason" about a week ago, and I got nothing for it, didn't even know it had released until this afternoon.

Does anyone else have this issue and/or know how to fix it? Cheers!
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Re: Not getting any notifications


Hi @thedomeofdoom


You can easily manage your notifications here.


Just make sure to tick the Artist Updates box, so you can receive updates about the artists you follow.


Hope it helps.




P.S. I'm not a Spotify employee


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