Not internet connection... again


Not internet connection... again







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 No internet connection I've put a screenshot of my phone, on Spotify; with it spinning continuously with no connection, even though you can see in the top right that I'm connected to the internet.

This has been an on and off situation, it comes on then goes off every few days, sometimes on wifi, sometimes on data. I've not been able to search for around 12 hours. I'm going up go make sure Spotify is up to date. I logged in and back out, last time I had to delete Spotify (which means deleting all of my saved songs) it's a pain to delete like that. I'm starting to get annoyed, why pay for a service that doesn't work? It's getting old. This is the second time this month, since I became a premium member it's been at least 10 times this has happened.

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Re: Not internet connection... again

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The best thing to try is removing your offline devices. This gives the app a refresh and makes sure everything's working as it should. You can find out how to do that here. Just as a heads up, this will mean you'll need to redownload your saved tracks again. 


Let us know how it goes!