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Odd playlist loading display issue in Android preview app

Odd playlist loading display issue in Android preview app

I have the new preview app installed on my Android phone and just noticed this odd little issue.

I added two playlists to Spotify on my Mac, and then started the app on my phone.

The new playlists showed there with the text "Loading" in place on the title of the playlist, which is normally the case for new playlists. However, under the title it said "by Name" where Name was the display name of someone from my People list in Spotify. Strangely, it was the name of somebody in my Facebook friends list who doesn't actually have a Spotify account. After a few seconds the new playlists had loaded, the titles showed correctly, and the "by Name" had gone.

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I have the very same issue 😞 any ideas?

We're looking into this issue in another thread, see here:


Hopefully we'll have it sorted soon, not to worry.

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Thank you for the speedy response i use spotify everyday and it cant be broken it just cant 🙂

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