Offline Mode (How To)?


Offline Mode (How To)?

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Hi Guys,


I'm new to spotify and wondered if someone could please clear up some confusion regarding offline mode for me before i go ahead and experiment.


I have the spotify application installed on my android phone and on my desktop computer.  What i want to be able to do is download a playlist to my phone so that it can be played in the car via the car stereo.


All playlists are created.




1) if i log in to spotify via my phone and make the playlist available offline - (this will start the download process to the phone) does this make the playlist available offline in my spotify account or just for that particular device....... what i mean is will it start downloading the playlist on my computer next time i log in?? my computer is always online so i never need to download content.


2) By turning off playlist offliine mode on the phone,  will it delete the downloaded content from the phone and release the storage space. if not how do i do this?



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Re: Offline Mode (How To)?

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Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


To answer your questions:

1. Offline playlists are device based, so marking a playlist to be available offline will only make it offline on that device. 


2. The application will delete the data "eventually". After you mark a playlist to be no longer available offline, the application will continue to store that data for a short period of time, in case you made a mistake in marking it so not to waste bandwidth downloading things again. You can manually clear the Spotify cache by following the first few steps in the android troubleshooting guide.



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Re: Offline Mode (How To)?

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Welcome to the Spotify community, Celtic_Monkey!


Thanks for your help Peter.



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