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Offline Mode shortcut






Honor 20 Lite

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Android Pie


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I used to have an Offline Mode shortcut in my notifications panel,which vanished a few hours ago. The app was last updated late May so I don't know what to do?

A restart didn't help either.
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Samething here. 


App updated to and it disappeared. It didn't work with the last update change either. Very frustrating. 

Same thing here,

I hope this is just a bugg that will be recognised and fixed soon.

Because it would be stupid of them to remove such a usefull feature.

Same here, but shortcut disappeared when I updated the app earlier today, before that it was broken. Pressing it again to toggle it off didn't turn it off and when you left the notfication bar and came back to it, the shortcut looked like it wasn't toggled 

This reminds me of a problem I had with the shortcut.

Every time I activated offline mode it would go offline no problem but next time I launch the app I'm back online.

Very annoying but not as much as losing the shortcut.


Also,I checked again,now google play says Last Updated 5 June.


Same issue for me 

And me - Sad Face

Today it just vanished from my Xiaomi!! I hope they fix it ASAP and bring it back. It was super useful. Please let this be a mistake, I NEED IT!! 


Please! I really want this too!

Was a perfect toggel! The one I used most frequently. 


I have and Huawei P20 Pro. 

Reopening topic? Really need this feature back!

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