Offline Sync

Offline Sync


The error is "The disk is almost full.  You can't offline sync any more playlists.  Please unselect some plalist and try again."  Problem is, neither of the "disk" on my phone are even close to full, so what's the deal?

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You might be storing it to the cache of internal memory on your device, which might be somewhat limited compared to storing it to a SD card.

You can set up the SD card to be a caching location by following the steps below.

1. Open Spotify in your mobile
2. Go to “More”, “Settings” and select “Clear saved data”
3. Press More and then Log Out
4. While at the login screen, press the hardware Menu key and select SD Location
5. Enter the path to a folder on the SD card
6. Finding the exact path to your SD card can be done with a file manager, and can differ between phones.
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I've got the same problem 😞


thanks for the help and the detailed instructions.  I went ahead and tried that and we will see what happens


Hi, I have the same problem, I've taken the instructions up to the naming the relocation as I don't know what the name of the path os or how to find a file manager- any help would be appreciated!

Try the file manager app called astro. Mine is /mnt/SD


Hi, I have the same problem. I set the SD card location how you descibed, but I'm still getting the error. The phone memory only has 23Mb free, but the SD card has >2Gb. Could Spotify be checking free space of the wrong 'drive' ? Or perhaps Spotify is downloading the files to the phone memory first before transferring to the SD card, and can't do that because there's not enough on the phone. Any ideas?




I have the same problem, I tried the solution mentioned above but it didn't change anything. I have over 4GB of free space on my sdcard so it really should work.


I have the same issue, but I don't have an SD card slot. My phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) has 32GB or internal memory.


According to the storage monitor I have over 20GB free on the device, and spotify is using about 2.8GB.


Am I missing something or does Spotify not know how to deal with this device.


Kind of makes my premium subscription worthless if I can't download any additonal tracks (most of the music on there currently is from my private library).



Beap & Mikegcoleman - Is this the new preview Android app you're having trouble with? If it isn't, give it a try here:

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Just tried out the new version linked above. It looks great! Much slicker design, and feels a lot "snappier". However, it still choked after trying to sync 3 playlists. All of a sudden my 32GB card is 100% full, these playlists take up < 3gb total.


The version of Spotify that I have is, it does not have a spot that says clear saved data. Any other suggestions?

You're replying to an incredibly old thread which was discussing an earlier version of the app with different features. What are you trying to do? If you want to clear all Spotify's data then you can do that through the standard Android Apps section of the system menus
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