Offline downloads to SD card

Offline downloads to SD card

Plan: Premium

Device: Huawei P10 Lite (android 8.0


I have a rather annoying problem with my spotify app. I have a decent collection of saved music on my device and it has been set to be saved to my SD card. Spotify however "forgets" this with each restart and starts to download my music to the phones storage. I have to manually stop it and set it back to the SD card. This method is unconfortable and time consuming. Please fix it.



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Edit: When I say "at every restart", I mean restart of the device, not the app.

I had a phone that used to do that not only did it mess with my storage location for music always seemed to take apps and widgets that I put on my home screen off on every restart I'd check in your storage settings and see if you have the option to route all downloads to SD card checked besides that it could be a command that your phone is running during the boot process

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