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Offline mode stopped working

Offline mode stopped working

Hi, I started using the premium version for android a month ago and it worked perfectly. Till yesterday, when, for some reasons unknown, I can't use my offline lists.


What can I do?



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Hey Valeska_mse, welcome to the Community.


What isn't working for you? Is there any kind of error message popping up?


And are you using the Preview version of the Android app at the moment?

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If you have been offline for the whole month, since you sync'd the tracks for offline listening, then you need to let it back online briefly so it can renew the music licenses and check your account status before it will let you listen offline again.
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Hi, Thanks for your answers.


But I actually did what you said:


I diselected the OFFline button of my OFFline list to make it ONline. Then I tried to make it OFFline again, but it doesn't work. So now I can't listen it OFFline.


Do you know what should I do¿




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