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Offline playlist problem

Offline playlist problem

I own a htc one (m7) before the new UI update I was having a problem free experince with spotify. 


Since the updates I keep having to re-download my playlists at random times unexpectedly. 


Paying £5 a month for this serivce is poor

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Is this complete playlists or just tracks where content has been updated?

Complete playlists that are ticked as offline dissapear and My Settings go to defualt as well.


I have to keep changing the audio quailty back to extreme everytime it crashes and offline playlists dissapear.  

Is spotify crashing? If so, please try a clean reinstall following the steps in this post.

That did not help as I my HTC one m7 does not have an sd card 

Just ignore the SD card bits but follow all the other steps.

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