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Offline playlists disappearing

Offline playlists disappearing

I've read all of the help files and discussion posts with similar problems.  Spotify offline playlists randomly disappear, whether I've logged in for 30 days or not, and it's starting to really piss me off.  This is why I pay $10 a month, yet I hop in my car, fire up Spotify and the playlists are gone.  Since I live in a dead space for about 10 miles this means no music, no benefit to the monthly fee.


Today this happened.  All three downloaded playlists have disappeared from my phone, and from June 2-4 I was logged into the app and Spotify while on a business trip.


I know I'll get nothing but flame and/or apologies, but I wonder will this ever be fixed such that I can feel confident in my monthly subscription fee.



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Hi, I hear your frustration and I'm not sure I'll be able to help much There's a long-running bug topic here and you may want to post some details there.


If you use an external SD card, I recommend trying spotify without it for a few days. If your playlists stay downloaded then it could be worth investing in another quality card to see if that helps. If you're willing to try with spotify's cache in internal storage, please follow these steps:


  • Clear the cache from the bottom of spotify's settings page
  • Fully quit spotify
  • Remove SD card
  • Run spotify and listen to or download some music
  • The cache will now be fixed in internal storage and you may reinsert the SD card if you wish

Hi Joe,


Thanks for the reply.  While I won't dismiss sdcard as the culprit I doubt it.  I just upgraded phones in late May and experienced the same behavior with my previous one as well.  I will try to clear cache, uninstall/reinstall (which was just done with the latest update), see if that helps.



I hope it works. I'm no expert but the android forums are full of posts about SD card issues and I have noticed here that the majority of users reporting issues with disappearing offline music use external SD cards too.

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