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Offline songs keep getting deleted

Offline songs keep getting deleted

This is the 4th time this has happened and i'm getting pretty frustrated since i am paying for premium. All the songs i have downloaded onto my device have been deleted because it says that, "you have reached the maximum of three devices", when i am only using two devices offline. The issue is the storage on my phone has not changed one bit. This leads me to believe that the phone still has the songs but i just don't know how to restore them. Any help would be greatly appreciated Spotify. My phone is a samsung galaxy grand prime. Thank you.

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it seems that the same phone can appear several times under your devices. I'm not entirely sure but, from my experience, it looks like this may be triggered by firmware updates.

Anyway, head over to your device page and remove all instances of "android phone". You'll need to redownload your offline music I'm afraid.

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