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I download songs for offline play and it works but some time later or the next day,I need to download them again or they won't play offline.I just don't like this and it's also inconvenient because I don't have too much space on my phone and I don't want to keep using up space. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Fortunately re-downloading the same songs shouldn't eat up any extra space on your phone, since they are the same files. Take a look at this FAQ page, and if the solution isn't present there, then you'll want to glance over this one. If that still occurs, try uninstalling the app and restarting your phone, and then reinstalling the app. If it still persists, check those FAQ pages one more time, and then, if nothing is fixed, contact support and they should be able to resolve this issue. Note that if you get an automated reply from support telling you to come to these forums, you'll want to reply to it, even if it comes from a no-reply address. Hope this helps, and let me know if I can help with anything else!

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