“Okay Google, play my music” for Google Home speakers

“Okay Google, play my music” for Google Home speakers


All of my Google Home speakers have this problem. I have all 3 of Google's speakers, the small, medium and large one and this happens on my Pixel phone as well.


It used to play my "My Liked Songs" in order of newest to oldest. So that song that you just hearted yesterday and you want to listen to, that's what you would hear first. Now it plays it in shuffle every single time. I open up the Spotify app after this happens to confirm and shuffle is on. Hmm, okay. I turn off shuffle. Stop the music and try the Google voice command again. Does the same thing. Just shuffles the My Liked Songs playlist.


How do I disable shuffle for Google voice commands.

Spotify chat support has never been able to even understand what I try to say. Hoping you guys can at least confirm if this happens for you as well.

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