Old, Clunky, Lacking.....awful

Old, Clunky, Lacking.....awful

Hey Guys,


I want to take a few minutes to write you and praise your desktop client and efforts that have gone into that product. It's great, it really is. I love the features, apps, etc that come with it.


My concerns, as a premium subscriber, is that I've seen no advancements on the mobile app. I'm using this on the Xoom on ICS and it's just not something worthy of being paid for. My take is that I'm basically paying you $3/mo for this app that barely works. I have it and run it from my Xoom and my iTouch. Both (understandable) different apps and different feels. Itouch seems to work considerably better.


Both can really benefit from app support when streaming live, a better, cleaner interface. The current interface "works". But that's it and it doesn't even do that all the time. It force closes at some point nearly every time I have it running on my tablet.


You guys are getting $120/yr from me and I honestly do feel that we as subscribers are due for a new mobile app. Is this coming or at least in the pipeline? An announcement of some sort demonstrating that you're aware of this and that it's in development would be awesome.





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