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On behalf of all free android users, You suck.

On behalf of all free android users, You suck.

As many other people, a couple days ago i recieved the email telling me i was to stop using a modified app and i did, even went one step forward and completely stoped using the app altogether.


Lets face it, your buisness model sucks on the android platform.


On windows you can do anything you would be able to do with premium but change the quality to high and you have to listen to a couple of adds once every couple of musics but in comparison, the android app is just...


You are so restrained in the app that it feels like you're a passenger in someone else's car, you listen to what the app wants, when it wants it, and if you dont like it? well you can skip it... 5 times a day? what kind of moronic system is that, i'm legit wondering who would ever think of that let alone who was the **bleep** who actually thought it would be a good idea, on android, spotify is nothing more than...



All of the ads i found before moving to the modified app were always just spotify premium ads (at least in my country they were) so what's the point of even having them? they are not making you any money, actually its quite the oposite in most situations, many people just like me were pushed away from using your platform and if i hadn't found the modified app, i would have been too. you're just trying to annoy people into buying a subscription with self advertisements and extremely limited funcionality.


If any of the devs end up reading this, just re-think your android plan, the way it currently is, it's just ridiculous and there's no reason whatsoever it shouldn't work like it does on PC's.


and as for my final thought;
Funny thing is that i was actually going to buy the premium membership this weekend, just until before all of this happened. I stoped subscribing to discord nitro and i was going to redirect that money to spotify, mostly because i had completely forgoten how stupid the android app was but being forced to use it again just left me in a state where the mere thought of giving money to a company this size that can still make nagware in 2018 just revolts me.


and as a last message from me to you;

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Even without the modded app, this **bleep** aint workin. 


Thanks for standing up for us!

amen to that brother...


I mean... I can understand and accept that if I'm using a free service spotify has to get paid some way, so I can live with the ads


I can live with less audio quality too

and I can even live without the offline option


**bleep**... I can even understand that playlists only use shuffle mode



what I fail to understand is the limits on music skips, the impossibity to seak inside a music or the reason why my one playlists have to be on shuffle mode

Its my playlist I shoud hear has I want it to... without users playlist spotify is just another music streaming app... users make spotify

and minimum they should have is to hear their own playlist in the order they want to



and please, pretty please end the skips limit and no seeking option for ALL users




Go for it! This is a 21st century phenomenon where people feel entitled to complain about not receiving a service they don't pay for.

so you're telling me that because i dont pay for it, its immune to criticism, sure, nice mentality you have there.

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