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On screen ads can't be dismissed bug

On screen ads can't be dismissed bug

Hi, I'm on an Android device and I don't know if it's only me, but sometimes when there's an on-screen ad that has to be dismissed, I can't press the dismiss button and it overlays the screen. I can press the other interactions of the app - song player, song lists, search etc..., but I can't see anything because the ad is still there. The only way to fix it is to close the app itself, launch again and everything is back to normal. It doesn't happen on every single ad, but it occurs every so often.


It's not that big of an annoyance, but I would like to be out there as a reported bug. 🙂


PS: I've attached an example to understand what I'm talking about. This one could be dismissed, but sometimes I just can't press that button and it stays there. 

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Same for me. Using Android MIUI EU 9. Don't known If It is an OS issue.

I am not sure if it is the same issue with my android app but I also get the ad, dismiss it and cannot do anything as I am still left on the same page. E.g. I listen to a playlist, want to listen to something else so I press on "browse", the ad appears, I press dismiss and end up on the same playlist, not the browse page. Can do this 100 times, still I'm left on the same page. Only fully closing the app helps. 

Don't know for sure, i've noticed now that when It starts to play a suggested song the Ad covers all pages. If i dismiss, It goes to the Now Playing page. ALL the rest are covered with the Ad. I can control, but without vision. And yes, need to restart the app.

Well I'm from Argentina and I have the same bug. I couldn't find any other person with the same problem that can help me to solve it. I tried reinstalling but I won't work. It's getting annoying! 

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