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One daily mix for 5 days straight

One daily mix for 5 days straight






Lg Stylo4 

Operating System

Andriod 8.1


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Hi there!I am having some problems with the daily mix feature. I listen to my daily mixes more than other playlist on spotify. However for the past five days straight I have had one daily mix. My radar release and weekly discover have not changed in this time either. I can't remeber when they are supposed to update I thought they should have by now. My issues started last wednesday after I set my phone to update spotify over night. Apparently I was an update behind. Anyway it updated overnight. Wednesday morning I go to look at spotify one daily mix. Okay it happens. 


I still listen to almost every song on daily mix and some of spotify generated playlists. Thursday same thing, one daily mix yet I still listen to it. I do a chat on thursday and they say wait it out. Friday one daily mix. Again I haven't changed anyway how I use spotify expect I have one daily mix to listen to music from. Saturday same issues so I do another chat, they said wait it out until  Monday when everything updates. If it doesn't fix it self get back to them. Until then wait it out. So I do. Sunday no change. Today is Monday and sure enough still one daily mix. I do a chat. As I said I haven't changed how I have used spotife for the last few months since I joined. 


Troubleshooting things I have tried.

Uninstalled and installed 8 times during this time. 

Signed in and out of accounts on all platforms. 

Discounted from wifi, used cellular only and vise versa. 

I tried to sign  in my account on a different phone with no change. 

Also tried to sign into spotify app on desktop with no change.


I am out of ideas. Please help any way you can. 


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I have been having the same issue. Got a 2nd one after a week or so but haven't gotten a 3rd and it's been over a week since Daily Mix 2 appeared.

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