Onkyo TX-NR414 volume Max ARE U SERIOUS?!

Onkyo TX-NR414 volume Max ARE U SERIOUS?!

Dear Spotify developers, this is a very huge Problem. When you have a very Powerfull AVR/Loudspeakers this is even more dangerous!

I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Receiver: TX-NR414 firmware 117130010000
Spotify Android version:

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Hi MineJarok,
I have a denon and it seems to me that it starts with current avr volume which can be pretty high depending on the source you were listening before.
Or it can be an only problem.

I will try to escalate this problem to Spotify developers.

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Add your kudos to those threads to push the problem to Spotify developers.

Thank you,

I know it sounds strange, but re-applying the latest firmware has resolved this issue for me. (I own an Onkyo TX-NR414 / HT-R758). After re-applying the firmware the issue hasn't occured anymore for over a month now.

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