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Over use of mobile connection while "synchronization using mobile" was off

Over use of mobile connection while "synchronization using mobile" was off


I have got a Spotify premium account and i use my mobile to listen to music anywhere.
I thought i had desactivated the option Synchronization using mobile network ("Synchro via mobile" in french). I thought whenever that option is desactivated any connection to spotify would pass by wifi networks and NEVER by my mobile connection.
So maybe i didn't understood well this option or maybe there is a deeper problem.

In any case after 15 days my data network connection has reach his limit almost only with Spotify while I tried to only listen to the music I synchronised before (offline listening).

Any help would be apreciated !

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Spotify will still connect still for notifications, Validation of premium license and adapter track information. If you want to stop this then you should put the app in offline mode

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