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Paused song notifications

Paused song notifications

Hello, just updated Spotify so I am running the latest version. When I pause a song when I'm not in the app (i.e. from my pebble watch, from the home screen) a notification is pushed from Spotify with the song name and author. Not sure why it does that as I don't need that notification. I know what I am listening too and that I just paused it. This sounds like something small but it's frustrating when you have to press multiple buttons on the pebble to dismiss it then go back to the music page and press play. I don't want to turn off all notifications from Spotify as I like having it in the notification drawer to pause/play and skip songs easily, or to be able to control it from my pebble. If anyone else is having this issue please let me know, or if you can figure it out I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks in advance!
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