Phone goes offline/online constantly

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Phone goes offline/online constantly

Music Lover
‎2012-03-05 07:38 PM

My phone bounces between online and offline, never staying online for more than 2-3 seconds. This happens in full services areas, and occasionally when on wifi. Other services like Google Music stream fine, so it's not the data connection. Anyone else?


This is far from the only issue, but it's the one that most frequently prevents me from listening to music.


Not to lead off by being an ass, but this is my Spotify ultimatum: You get one more $10 payment from me, because your desktop app is pretty legit. But the Android app is basically unusable. In a 30 min bus ride home, I am lucky to listen to 2 songs. I don't like to pay money to beta test.

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Re: Phone goes offline/online constantly

Gig Goer
‎2012-03-06 05:57 PM
I've had this same issue. When I first installed Spotify on my Acer Iconia A500 it worked great for a few months. Then, after a few OS revisions (Honeycomb) it wants to toggle back and forth ONLINE/OFFLINE access; pretty much instantly until I put it into OFFLINE MODE. This ticked me off, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. This remedied the situation until I dowloaded a few playlists for offline use. Then, it wad back to the ONLINE/OFFLINE glitch. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled again and have not downloaded any playlists. I haven't had a priblem since, but this means I can't listen to anything offline, off a WiFi connection. Now, this kind of defeats the purpose now doesn't it?

My opinion is that it has something to do with Spotify and the current OS revision. (Android 3.0+)

Has Spotify done anything to fix this issue? Android users are screaming for your assistance or dropping you service.
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Re: Phone goes offline/online constantly

Music Lover
‎2012-03-06 06:11 PM

Good call on the offline playlists issue actually. You're totally right, because when I uninstalled with no synced playlists, I didn't have it. It only resurfaced after I synced a couple playlists. Interestingly though, this is with an HTC Evo running 2.3 Gingerbread, so it definitely runs back to previous generations. Still makes it pretty useless, as I travel by metro underground and fly fairly frequently, so I need offline sync to work.


I've posted in their support/getsatisfaction forum, asked questions on twitter and facebook, and now here, but frankly, I don't expect anything back from Spotify. Customer service is non-existent.


I'll admit I jumped the gun on my own ultimatum: downloaded Rdio just to try out yesterday and it's so much better (read: actually works) that I canceled Spotify before it hits my bill again this week. When I canceled, it recommended emailing, so if you're feeling ambitious maybe you can get an answer out of them.

Re: Phone goes offline/online constantly

Gig Goer
‎2012-03-06 08:17 PM
I've actually had no problem before or after I have updated my Samsung Captivate to Gingerbread. My issue is on my Acer Iconia A500 with Honeycomb. I am actually listening offline at the moment while at work on my phone.

Re: Phone goes offline/online constantly

Concert Regular
‎2012-03-15 04:54 PM
I agree with you and the hundreds (thousands?) of other android users who are basically paying full premium for a service that DOES NOT WORK

I have had enough of this nonsense and am cancelling my subscription today.

Spotify should be ashamed of themselves marketing the Android app as "working with most devices"

Re: Phone goes offline/online constantly

Music Lover
‎2012-05-25 05:34 PM

I am having the same issue, using Android 4.0 ICS (HP Touchpad CM9), using the latest spotify from the market and also the official beta of the new tablet edition:  as soon as I try to set some offline playlists, it may download a few but then crashes and upon reopening it it's stuck in the offline online loop. I 'fixed' this in the past by removing my offline playlists (clear data, uninstall) and reinstalling but really want to listen offline with it being a wifi only device.


I found the following solution online at, I already had a spotify username as I've had it since before they had facebook login, so i followed the steps below but instead of retrieving a username and password I just changed my password.


1. Clear the app data. On your Android device: Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Spotify -> Clear data

2. Uninstall Spotify. In the same screen, tap Uninstall

3. Restart device. While you're waiting, go to step 4 (this is the good part).

4. Retrieve your Spotify username and create your device password. This is DIFFERENT than logging in with your Facebook credentials. The Spotify username is really for OTHER devices (Sonos, Squeezebox, TiVo, etc.) but it'll work like a charm in this case too. Get it here:

5. Reinstall Spotify on your Android device

6. Log in with your SPOTIFY username (NOT your Facebook username). It will likely be 9 digits.



So i've been able to sync about 450 tracks so far without issue, who knows if the problem will rear its utgly head again, I'll try to post back if it does.


-EDIT 29/05/2012 I managed to get a good day or two out of this 'solution' now I'm back where I started, I have to keep clearing data, uninstall/reinstall to get online again after I've downloaded some offline tracks. What a massive pain!