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Phone keeps declining phone calls when listening to Spotify in the car

Phone keeps declining phone calls when listening to Spotify in the car






Google Pixel 1 and 3

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 Everytime I am driving in my car listening to spotify, I don't receive phone calls. I will get 1 second pauses in music and then it will resume. There is no notification I have an incoming call or missed call. If I look at my call history afterwards, I will then see who was calling me and will show the call was declined. This is only happening when I'm connected to bluetooth in my car. Any suggestions to make this stop? I drive long trips to and from work so I'm tired of this happening. I have removed and re-installed the app and this has happened to both my phones. My old one and new one. 

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Hey @ar023,

Im sorry to hear about your issue! Are you using Google Auto? In some cars this launches automatically when you connect your phone. Maybe you have set it to automatically decline calls? Are your calls coming through when your phone is connected via Bluetooth but you are not using Spotify? If the issue persists please try the "ongoing issues" section


Cheers from Germany,



The same thing is happening to me and it is becoming very frustrating! I'm in sales and have to answer the second someone calls me back or that opportunity may disappear. PLEASE let me know if there is anything that can be done to fix this @Spotify. 


I have an iPhone 12 Pro, updated software, using wifi, and listening to music when someone calls it looks like Spotify overrides the call and declines it immediately. 


Hi there @Aaron_White,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


This is quite odd, as Spotify doesn't have or need any permissions towards phone's calls. We suggest taking a look in your phone's settings to see if there's anything enabled that might be causing this behavior. It's also a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer to see if they can give you more info about this.


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