Phone wont play music, cant see playlists, even after clean re-install

Phone wont play music, cant see playlists, even after clean re-install

Im on spotify premium, an android phone, and signing in with facebook every time.
ive tried on wifi and on mobile data, ive tried playing songs from my pc and setting them to "listen on another device" to my phone and that doesnt work.
i cant see any artists songs or any of the songs in my playlists, nor can i paly any songs that i can click on.
Yes, ive done a FULL clean re-install.
this issue only started when i reset my phone and then re-installed spotify on it. now i cant listen to anything.
No, i dont have another account i can sign in with or a friends or family members account.
The only solution that ends up coming up is by cancelling your premium account and making a brand new one, then having your playlists transfer over. 
Except my account is tied to my facbeook account, i would seriously not rather have to go through the steps of making a brand new account that isnt tied to my facebook account, all over what is likely an account related bug. 

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Hey @GayCummer,


Thanks for reaching out.


Kudos for taking initiative and performing a clean reinstall. As a next step, can you please provide answers (preferably accompanied by screenshots or a short video) to the following questions, so we can investigate further?

  • When playing music on your desktop app, does your phone appear in the Connect picker menu in the bottom right corner? If yes, what happens when you try to transfer the playback to it?
  • Do your playlists appear empty on your phone or you simply can't find them there?
  • What happens you try to play a song?

Looking forward to your reply.

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