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I have a Samsung j7 prime android 6.0.1 I can not enable the album cover on the lock screen as the background photo. Please solve my problem. Only the player stays, but nothing from the album as wallpaper.

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Just want to get a few more details, does the built-in music player display the cover art as your wallpaper? I have found another thread that has a work around so have a look at that, however, I will continue to have a look at my Android settings and see if I can find a fix. Good luck.

(Edit: Forgot the link! https://community.spotify.com/t5/Android/Album-cover-as-background/td-p/667604 )




I do not want the photo to become fixed background, I want it when using the spotfy, the songs that play the photo of their respective albums will alternate according to the song. It's quite simple. I'll put 2 photos as an example.Simple. I want you to display the album photo on the lock screen according to the music you are playing.


I do see what you mean, I can't find a fix however, since my Spotify player set's my lockscreen background as the cover art automatically, it may just be your phone that doesn't allow it?

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