Play Queue needs a update!


Play Queue needs a update!

Casual Listener

I know this has been asked and suggested before, but I can't find any solutions. The play queue in Spotify needs an update badly. 


I've had Spotify for a little while now. A paid customer. I can't seem to find a simple way to add an album to the play queue to play after the current album I'm listening too. The "Add to queue" and "Play Next" do the same thing, adding the next album after the currently playing song and NOT after the album. The current setup is fine if all you're playing is single songs, but what about full albums. The current way sucks while driving. I don't want to have to constantly unlock my phone to find a new album to play. Any help?


Here's an example: in Google Play Music... It has 2 options for any song or album: Play Next or Add To Queue. Add to Queue in GPM means "go to the end of the line" of the currently playing queue of songs or albums. Why does Spotify always add anything (song or album) to play immediately next. Makes no sense.


Spotify please understand that people play singles songs and FULL albums. Stop treating everything like a single song. Oh and please get rid of that stupid and big "Shuffle Play" button.That button makes sense for a playlist of songs from multiple albums, like my Discover Playlist. It does not make sense if I'm playing a newly release album. Move it or make it smaller. Rant over.