Play all music EXCEPT...


Play all music EXCEPT...

At work I like to shuffle all songs that I have downloaded to my phone and work away, but I have also downloaded some comedy albums and spoken word stuff that I want to exclude in this shuffle. If I add comedy to a playlist and spoken word to another is there an easy way to shuffle all music EXCEPT tracks on these playlists? How about on Spotify for desktop?
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The only way i could think of doing it is by making a new playlist with all your song minus your spoken word stuff. I realise this isnt a very good answer but i think its your only option. You should suggest a solution to the ideas board and you never know it might get added

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Hm. Tough quesiton...

Try these:!/article/sorting-and-filtering!/article/play-queue


See if those help.

You can go through your Queue and delete the ones you don't want to play. Yea, it will take a while if you have a ton of songs, but as @GavinHenderson6 mentioned, you might have to create a whole new playlist. 😞



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