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Play local mp3 on desktop computer in Spotify Free on Android device


Play local mp3 on desktop computer in Spotify Free on Android device

Hi all, this is my first post. I've a big peoblem; I can't listen my mp3 on my android device with Spotify Free. I followed these steps to sync my local files:


1) I connected smartphone and computer to the same wireless network

2) Created a new playlist and added my mp3 to it(on computer)

3) Right click on playlist and selected "available offline"  ---->  "need Premium account" message appears

4) Playlist appeared on the smartphone however and downloaded it


Now I disconnect phone from wireless network and try to play my music offline but it isn't possible. Continuously appears message about Premium account.


I've read on Spotify website that with Spotify Free I can download and always listen my own music not in shuffle mode, like a normal music player!


As you can see from attachment, I downloaded 2 songs but can't listen to them!

Screenshot Spotify.jpg
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That's how it should be, as I said above.

It's all so buggy! No album-art and sometimes it still appears the message!

I've just disconnected my phone from internet and I'm unable to play my music, not even in shuffle mode, nothing! I am very angry now. It appears the message "upgrade to premium".

But you can play your music offline? I don't! @Richard

That's a Premium feature. Take a look at the FAQ and the chart below.



Hey again, does the above clear things up?


To be clear, as a free user all your playlists will play in shuffle mode.

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Ok @Richard. It's a bit unnerving and meaningless not being able to listen to your own music freely.

It will mean that I will use google play music for this  😞

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