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Play/pause/skip on S6 Edge lock screen

Play/pause/skip on S6 Edge lock screen

Recently I have not been able to play, pause or skip my music from the lock screen even though I have the music playing in the app. This has happened a couple of times in the past and it would show up again randomly on my lock screen, but it hasn't for a while now and it's frustrating when I'm working out and I have to open a lock screen and go into the app to pause, play or skip the song. Kinda petty but didn't know if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. Thanks.
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Exact same problem here... But for Sony Xperia. (Quite bothering when we have to hurry up with stopping music whatever the reason is ^^)

Me too. so annoying. ive tryed everyting so far. Clearing catch. formating sd card.

im going back to my old walkman if they dont help us to fix it soon...


need my music and im going mental jogging and the tracks just skips and skips 😞


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