Playback Issues - Note 8/Android 9


Playback Issues - Note 8/Android 9





United States


Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android 9



My Issue


I am having faulty, not quite choppy playback issues. I listen to a song and while I do, the music faces a few milliseconds of a kind of pause. The player doesn't pause itself. The music breaks up into a momentary pause that doesn't last even a second.


Overall, I'm a pretty patient, persistent, and efficient troubleshooter. That said, my patience has ended. I have exhausted all troubleshooting options, excluding a system restore (I should not need to perform that given this only happens in Spotify).


Having exhausted uninstall, system restart, lower streaming quality, cache clearing, storage clearing, process ending fixes and more, I figure I'll ask the community.


Anybody got any ideas? This wasn't until recently (a bit after Android 9 was installed). I don't suspect my phone is this issue, either way. I can YouTube fine, listen to other audio sources without issues, the likes. 


Again. Any ideas? I've been a premium member for quite a long time, but this is easily becoming reason to want to leave.