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Playback pausing - Marshmallow; Family Subscription

Playback pausing - Marshmallow; Family Subscription

The music pauses sporadically on my Android phone - it seems it happens when the screen is off.  One of my family members is also having the same problem on their Samsung S7.  I have a WileyFox Swift.


Any ideas why?  

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[PSA] Samsung users please read!


Additionally, it's a good idea to exclude spotify from android's optimization:


1. Open the Settings app on your phone (Pull down the notifications shade, and tap the gear in the upper right corner, or find “Settings” in the App Drawer.)
2. Tap Battery.
3. Tap the menu button and choose “Battery optimization.”
4. Tap the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and select “All apps.”
5. Scroll down to Spotify - tap it and select "Don't Optimize"

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