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Playing local files on Android

Playing local files on Android

Can anyone help please ? It looks like my music files on my PC have automatically become 'Local' files, which i can see in my desktop Spotify app, because all files in the 'Music' folder are automatically 'local'. So far so good. In order to see these local files on my Android Spotify app, is it still true that I have to include the local files in a playlist ? A thread from 4 years ago said yes, and  it seems to be true still from my experiment. And a really basic question - are the local music files actually copied to the Android phone, or are they stored in the Spotify cloud, and my phone just streams the music from there ? I prefer the former, or maybe the ability to choose which get copied to the phone. Thank you, a new user ! Tony

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Hi. Yes, if you want to play local files on android, you need to pop them into a playlist then download to your android. Full explanation here. There is no Spotify cloud so downloading (syncing) them to your mobile device is the only way you can listen to them through spotify.

Thanks, very helpful

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