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Playing on phone, but skips between Echo devices

Playing on phone, but skips between Echo devices






Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

Android OneUI (Pie)


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While mowing my lawn the other day, I had Spotify set to play only on my phone. After a few minutes, it stopped playing. I checked, and I found that the device on which it was playing had switched to one of my Amazon Echo devices (I have 3 throughout the house). I checked with my family, and no one else was playing Spotify at the time on any of the devices. As I continued mowing the lawn, it kept switching between my Amazon devices. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was the solution? It was really annoying to have to re-point Spotify back to play on my phone over and over.

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I also had a problem with my amazon echo speaker, but it didnt start playing spotify, so i had to choose songs in the app. I dont know if my problem is the wifi connection, but you can search online if there are any issues with the spotify app and spotify.

I hope you can solve your problem, good luck.



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