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Playlist Loading Error

Playlist Loading Error






Moto Z Play Droid

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


With the exception of the playlists by Spotify or friends, my playlists do not load, even if they were downloaded. But it also applies to any new playlists that are created. The following message appears:

Error that occurs for most of the playlists.Error that occurs for most of the playlists.

I could not find a related thread on the community to try and fix this problem and I have tried the basic things. So far I have tried reopening the playlists, reopening the app, restarting my phone multiple times, reinstalling the app, making sure the phone OS is updated, clearing memory and caches on the phone, and different Wifi sources and data only, but the playlists still fail to load. However, the playlists are perfectly accessible by the Spotify web browser, so they are not gone or anything. This started around the end of July 2019. But even with the latest app update, there is no improvement.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @bsdrkgh ,

Thanks for reaching out.


Please follow these steps:

1. Click on Remove All Devices here
2. Do a clean reinstall. Note: After reinstalling, you will have to download your music for offline listening again.

After that you should have no issues with loading your playlists.

Let us know if this helped 🙂

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Thank you for your reply. I apologize for being so slow to respond. I tried the above and it did not work. Additionally, I got a new phone and installed Spotify and it still shows the same message.

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