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Playlist filter is not working

Playlist filter is not working

My English is not very good so i recorded my problem

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Same exact problem since today!


At first, I thought my playlist was kind of buggy since it started loading songs in as I was already scrolling through my list, which is new aswell.


But then I realized that when I filter songs and chose the first filtered song, it will not play the selected song but instead the one that is first in my entire list without the added filter. Really annoying problem. Only on android for me. 

I have the same Problem with my playlist i hope that Spotify will fix it soon if this is a problem in the Code. 

Did you ever get this fixed?

Worked for a couple of weeks and since tuesday the bug is back. So yea it
did fix itself for some time, now it's broken again. Sigh.

This started happening to me last night and it is driving me insane. Also I have found out that this only happens to my old playlists. If I make a new playlist and add songs to it, the filter function works fine. 

Hmm. I'll have a look at that, a temporary fix is better than none. Thanks
for the insight, I'll update you if I find out anything.

same problem tried to reinstall spotify and still won't play the song you filtered for!
 also happens in other pre made playlists! 

Same problem here.  The filter comes up and songs appear when searched for but when the first filterd song is selected the first song in the playlist is played instead.  This problem just started today.... help please!

I have the same issue on an existing playlist on Android


It will show filtered songs but when I press the filtered song it will play that index in the unfiltered playlist instead.


This is very annoying and me being annoyed at Spotify for breaking or removing functionality happens way way way too often for such a big company.


Spotify, please get your act together.


A customer who pays for your product.

Same problem! It started like 10 minutes ago when I filter a list the song appears there but when I touch that song the song at the top of my playlist plays instead of what I chose IM GETTING CRAZY

I am having the same issue, it's a pain in the **bleep**

Same issue!!

Discovered today I am having the same issue. Positively remember that filtering did work before. This lack of regression testing is annoying. 

Same problem here. It's really weird. I'm guessing because so many people are having this problem only recently, it's because of a bug introduced in the last update. Here's hoping Spotify can fix it soon enough.

Same issue for me too, started happening today. Super annoying cause I tend to use the filter feature very often. Spotify have to get their act together and sort this out. We pay for this product ffs

I'm having the same thing. But also whenever I click on on a song, I have to reclick the shuffle and repeat playlist options. IT'S GETTING REALLY F**KING ANNOYING!!!!!

I have this problem too since last week...

I hope it will get fixed soon its really annoying...

This started happening to me yesterday and ut is really annoying

Same here, incredibly aggrevating.


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