Playlist problems

Playlist problems

Hey guys,


well, my english isn't the best, but I hope that you can understand me:


I have like 10 playlists on Spotify (in most of them are like 60 songs) and, as well, I have a great playlist (my "head" playlists) with 322 songs.

When I want to hear music in my "smaller" playlists, I just tap (on my phone) the song I want to hear and it plays off.

But everytime I want to hear a special song in my "big" playlist, I click on a song but the song before gets played.

An example:

 There are song A, B, and C behind each other. If I want to hear song B, I click on it, but song A is played. So, if I want to hear song B,  I have to click on song C to hear it. I hope you understand my problem. I have it now for some days and it's so annoying!

 Do anyone knows how to fix it?


I'm thankful for every response!



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