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Playlist sorting not working on Android

Playlist sorting not working on Android






Sony Xperia XZ1

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When I select Your Library in Spotify on my Android phone, I always want to see my playlists, and I always want to see them ordered as _I_ ordered them. It _usually_ seem to remember this, but sometimes forgets.


The most annoying part, however, is that the selected sorting only works for the root level. When I select a folder, its contents are always sorted by Recently Played, or something like that, which is super annoying. I don't want it, I want _my_ sorting.


Forcing to sort by Recently Played makes it annoying to find my playlists, because the order always changes.

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Hey there @Svish,


Thanks for the post.


This is intended behaviour introduced in one of the more recent app updates. This has been discussed in this Thread. Feel free to check it out for more info.


Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions. Cheers.

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"Intended behavior" ?!? What in the world are your ux designers on? How can it be "intended behavior" to completely break the playlist sorting functionality?!


No, this issue is DEFINITELY not fixed. 😡

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