Playlist tab is gone?


Playlist tab is gone?


I recently remade my spotify account after deciding it would be less hassle than removing Facebook from it. I had copied over my playlists through the desktop version and was pretty happy with how well everything was going. However, upon opening up the mobile app on my Android phone (running Marshmallow 6.0), I found that the playlist tab was gone, and the only way to access the playlists associated with my account was by searching for them, where they don't come up as playlists but rather "mixes." I am incredibly confused as the only notable difference between this account and my old one was the connection to Facebook; Is this really the only way to access my playlists now?

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Re: Playlist tab is gone?

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How did you copy over your playlists exactly? The only way I know of is to follow your old account then select all somgs in each playlist and copy/paste theminto new empty playlists.